Taian Xinxin Import & Export Co., LTD.  (TAXX)
We are an ISO Chinese vendor ( Stainless steel balls, Chrome steel balls,  Titanium ball, Carbon steel balls, Copper balls, Alumium balls, Tungsten carbide ball, M42 high speed balls, Hastelloy C-276 Balls, S-2tool ROCKBIT BALLS ) + ( Ceramic balls, Silicon Nitride Balls, Zirconia Oxide Ball, Silicon Carbide Balls, Alumina Oxide Balls, ) + ( PP & POM & PA66 plastic balls ) + ( Soda-lime & Borosilicate & Optical Glass balls )
If you can't find that ball, we have it!  Order from one ball to millions.  There is no minimum charge or order.
Welcome your inquiry/RFQ/Orders.

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New Arrival Balls & Ball Relative Products

‏0.50 $/יחידה
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1000 יחידות(Min. Order)
‏0.20 $/יחידה
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10000 יחידות(Min. Order)
‏2.00 $/יחידה
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100 יחידות(Min. Order)
‏0.08 $/יחידה
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10000 יחידות(Min. Order)
‏0.80 $/יחידה
1000 יחידות(Min. Order)